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Ana Major assinatura


I was born and raised in Angola.

I had the privilege of contributing to the revival of my country and also the opportunity to live and work abroad.

In all the experiences I had, I have, today, another look at the possibilities that are offered to me and to Angola.

My professional career, based on an academic background in law and translated into a long career in management roles in the oil and gas area, was marked by challenges that required the search for integrated solutions for an individual, a company or an organization.

I capitalize on this experience in my work as a Management Consultant or Trainer. Thus, my projects and services incorporate a view and strategies translated into comprehensive, functional and practical solutions, which combine law, commercial, financial, operational and international compliance tools.

This is my legacy, here, with you.

I share life lessons, learned processes and the vision I have for tomorrow in projects, opinion articles, research and training courses. And, just as the sky allows itself to be replicated in a lake, I allow myself to reflect on stories and poems. Another way of saying: Thank you for being there!

Well there is!

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  1. ana major


    Management consulting

    My Consulting services allow me to apply academic knowledge, tools and work experience combining the areas of law, compliance, organizational and operational transformation.

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  2. ana major



    Formation is a meeting where the experience of the trainer and the trainee cross and open doors to a new world of solutions for innovation and transformation. This paradigm includes training sessions, in person or remotely, which enhance synergies for a superior result.

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  3. ana major



    In this gallery I share articles, opinions, research and curiosities that mark the moment and open new paths for personal and organizational development, or simply for a reflection and understanding of the current world.

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  1. Management Consulting Areas
    • Oil and Gas Law
      Oil and Gas Law
      • Compliance
        • Organizational and Operational Transformation
          Organizational and Operational Transformation

          for more information anafmajor@gmail.com

        • Academia bai
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            • Through the Academia BAI (ABAI) I provide training in the following areas:
            • Declaration of Integrity Compliance in Organizations: Concepts, assumptions, pillars, processes and policies of the Compliance program and Compliance risk management mechanisms
            • Fraud Prevention: Fraud prevention concepts, policies and mechanisms

            • The ABAI develops tailored training plans (according to the organizational model and culture), making calendars flexible, evaluating and monitoring results.

          for more information geral@academiabai.co.aowww.academiabai.co.ao+244 923 190 018 (8:00 - 16:00)

          Lets Talk Group
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            • In its inaugural phase. You can count on the following trainings
            • Compliance in Organizations
            • Corporate Anti-Corruption Policies
            • Fraud Prevention
            • Oil and Gas Contracts
            • Legal Principles of Supervision and Management (Supervisors and Managers’ Essentials)
            • Responsibility and Social Investment

          for more information info@letstalkgroup.comhttps://www.letstalkgroup.com/pt

          corporative compliance
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            for more information info@anamajor.com

          make it bloom

          Professional Projects

          • AEGIS


            The AEGIS (project which I co-founded) is a start-up created in 2018. As a project incubator, AEGIS materializes its reason for existing in the development of self-sustainable projects, replicable in different environments and markets, and with a relevant purpose for its customers, markets, employees and future generations.

            for more information: aegisinvest.pt
          • certeza


            Certeza© is an AEGIS project. It is described as a digital platform with tools for the transversal management of risks in Compliance, inspired by the culture of “Basic Safety Management”, the principles of operational discipline and due-diligence. The platform offers an integrated automation system and process efficiency, as well as the formation and absorption of knowledge in response to behavioral patterns in order to influence organizations. In this project, I sought to capitalize and transmit my experience in the areas of legal management, procurement contracts, regulatory compliance, reporting channels and compliance assurance. The result materializes in Certeza© - a technological environment for companies and organizations (private and public sector) based on geographic, cultural and legal customization.

            for more information: mycerteza.com
          • Evolution of the legislative history of oil and gas in Angola

            Evolution of the legislative history of oil and gas in Angola

            Work in preparation to be made available to the public in the near future. Contains elements of historical and legal relevance. Much of the research (beginning in the 1900s) has been carried out and the literary collection has been grouped together. The management of the analysis and development process is currently ongoing.

          Creative Writing - Tales and Poetry

          Estrela Lundo (Honorable Mention | Sonangol Literature Prize – 1994)

          A story that develops with some recourse to poetic prose and some mysticism.


          O Rival (Honorable Mention | Sonangol Literature Prize – 1995)

          The story of the unraveling of a death that unfolds in Cape Verdean lands.


          In-Definições e In-Perfeições

          It includes unpublished works and others published in magazines and newspapers in 1986/87 in Revista Archote and Cadernos Lavra & Oficina.